making a mess,

making a draft,

making a mess,

making love.

making another draft,

making a mess,

making something we love.

We need a New World
That is our Old World
But through the Eyes
Of a New Lover.

We are all how we breathe
How we sleep.

How we make,
How we use,
How we re-use.

We are all what we eat,
What we read,
What we listen to,

What we do
What we won’t do.

We need to actively explore alternatives.
We need to cross-pollinate,
Pause and Invent Again.

No cloning, No fixed maps,
No vamping for likes,

No gold-rush for more
Just for the sake of more.

The Fabric of Our Little Community
Will Grow.
Stitch by Stitch,
Tree by Tree.

At the Epicentre of
Disappointing Global Politics,
Exposed Legends, Diluted Dreams,
and Pillaged oceans:

is Consumption.

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