machliwalli bag (fisherwoman bag)



Swinging alongside their colourful cropped sarees, exposed ankles adorned with silver anklets and baskets filled with fresh fish atop their heads, the fisherwomen of Mumbai inspired us to create a traditional look with an urban twist. Known as the “kolis,” the fisherwomen of Mumbai have been an integral part of the city’s fishing community for centuries. Their deep knowledge of the sea and its tides, passed down through generations, has helped them navigate the unpredictable waters and locate the best fishing spots for decades. An embodiment of strength and a spiritual link with the sea makes the Machliwalli’s of Mumbai an essential part of Mumbai’s cultural fabric.

In an attempt to capture the street style of these fisherwomen from multiple fishing villages across the coastal fringes of Mumbai city, we created a bag using our unique tight-knit technique. We cut up our Cloud Cotton fabric into long strips, stretching and creating tension in order to hand-sculpt. With an added bit of dimensionality, this bag feels like an object on the body. A modern spin on a traditional net/ mesh bag, we envision it to be a part of your everyday wardrobe. 


Sizing and Styling Guide:

This bag is one size only. The pocket bag is big enough to hold your basic necessities from a wallet to a A4 size notebook. It can even hold an iPad or a kindle. Since the exterior lattice structure is longer, it can be customised based on your preference. Email us on for questions.

Each piece is hand-dyed by our artisans in Gujarat that clean and recycle the water through an effluent plant. Because it is a hand process, there may be a 5% variation.

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