Potla Bag



Hung at the waist from a girdle belt, or tied to the pleats of a saree –  potli bags are woven throughout tales in Indian history and mythology as gender-neutral necessities. Designed as multifunctional pockets, Vedic-era physicians would use them to carry herbs and medicines for Ayurvedic treatments, while richly embellished ones were used by aristocracy and royalty to carry jewellery and gold. With prospering trade, the potli bag became a quintessential sight on the waists of traders and merchants on the flourishing silk route, disseminating into  the cultures of Persia and Arabia along the way.

In an attempt to capture its luxurious yet effortless spirit, we handcrafted a bag in our sumptuous Liquid Silk. It features a small pocket bag on the inside to hold anything from your phone to pack of cigars, while two stitch lines on the straps mark where to tie it for the perfect drape. Constructed with a special double layering technique, it is lightweight enough to comfortably rest at your wrist, all while maintaining fall and structure. Our contemporary take on an age-old Indian accessory, we envision it to be an indispensable part of your everyday wardrobe.


Sizing and Styling Guide:

This bag is one size only. The pocket bag is big enough to hold your basic necessities from a wallet to a mobile phone. Email us on team@obataimu.com for questions.

Each piece is hand-dyed by our artisans in Gujarat that clean and recycle the water through an effluent plant. Because it is a hand process, there may be a 5% variation.

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