vulture study



While the human race has encountered many maladies in the past, vultures have lurked over towers and skies like watchful guardians. Dreadful but desirable. Being nature’s little clean up crew, these scavenger birds hold the key for a natural mechanism of infection control. They fly in from huge distances to pick decaying carcasses clean. Their digestive systems are strong enough to consume and even kill harmful pathogens. A world without vultures would be foul, and our landscape plagued with disease.

In many ancient cultures, the vulture symbolizes a guardian or messenger between life and death; the physical world and the spirit world. A magnificent species that is also celebrated in film-maker Greta Alfaro’s 2009 work, In Ictu Oculi (meaning ‘in the blink of an eye’).  The work’s title alludes to the brevity of human existence. In a setting that resembles the biblical scene ‘the Last Supper’, a nightmarish flock of vultures descend from nowhere. They feast on a medieval banquet with a strange quietness and elegance.

Taking from their ethereal presence, we created our Vulture Study dress. It is quilted by hand and delicately tailored for ergonomic structure. Our macro vision was to create a tool to track the growth (or shrinkage) of vulture populations using each ‘feather’ or ‘finger’ detail. We dream of creating a giant tapestry with this technique once every decade. Almost like an interactive map, interspersing disciplines from urban planning, ecology and landscape architecture into textile design.


Sizing and Styling Guide:

The model’s height is 5’7 ft and she comfortably fits into a size M. Made using our unique technique of quilting, this dress is tailored to fit you right. It sculpts the female figure, and looks great paired with a classic pair of heels. Before you choose to buy this style online, we encourage you to reach out to us on [email protected] offline with a photograph of yourself—to help us guide you pick the correct size—since each piece is made to order and is not eligible for an exchange / return / refund.

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